Thursday, 13 October 2011

Im home.. x

Howdy folks Its been so long since ive posted but ive had such a bad month! as everyone knows ive been to university and i HATED IT! i didnt enjoy myself one bit and really missed home. Soo to cut a very long story short ive transfered to my home towns university and start next year. Going to spend this year being happy and having fun (also earning some pennies:) its been a struggle and I dont feel myself anymore so im going to try and spend these next fews months getting myself back to normal. Im happy being at home in my 3 bedroom house with my mum dad brother and 2 lil cats. I always felt that I was better than my life ive been living, but ive come to realise that actually your life if what you make it. If I want to be happy, i need to do things that make me happy. Ive realised that clothes and imagine dont matter as much as i thought they did. I was making them so important. I think I should enjoy clothes and products rather than using them as a chance for people to respect me. I love to be fashionable but im not going to make my self skint and miserable just to be noticed. I was more noticed at uni with my trackie bottoms on and a Jack wills tee than i was in my dresses and skirts. I think that imagine comes across from within, i know everyone has heard that before but ive come to realise its true, and if i start to love myself again.. just maybe someone will start to love me back.. Im back now guys :) Thanks for listening.. Always love Sammy xx

Friday, 9 September 2011

Counting down the days..

Howdy folks Im starting university in a week :) how exciting! Im trying to convince my mum and dad that I NEED clothes for uni but its not quite working..( i still have time). So this week ive just been trying to catch up with friends, its funny ive had texts from people I haven't seen in months because they know im going to uni, so to clear the conscience they will come and see me before I go.. LOL anyways I went to pizza hut with my two work friends and it was FREEZING !! I cant believe how cold it was outside.. I needed to wear my coat. Anyways this is just a little outfit post.
I had on my black peter pan dress with the leopard print collar with my beloved Chelsea boots, my bag is from primark:). Please excuse the awful pictures and the white legs. I have a new camera and I cant figure out the flash features on it. so it makes everything yellow.. anyone know how to fix it ? haha Always love Sammy xx

Monday, 5 September 2011

Howdy Folks.. After spending far to many hours on ebay on night I stumbled across a mens vintage vivienne westwood shirt that I kind of fell in love with:) Here is my beauty
Always love sammy x

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wake me up when September ends ...

howdy folks :) Omg i havent blogged in aggggges and im so sorry :) ive just been busy with work and other things. My savings have gone very well, i havent spent any money on clothes and now reached my target= meaning that i can shop now yeye :D I bought a few things online and in new look the other day. Im not the greatest fan of new look as its very tacky and not my style however im loving the horse rider/ alpine/a/w look. I think its going to be a very fashionable winter. Elbow pads, Chelsea boots, fur lined coats, thick tights, Jcs, skater dresses.. Ahh i could go on and on with the statement pieces that you just NEED this autumm and winter. I met a girl the other day in starbucks. she told me I look lovely but i followed fashion to much hahahah Really made me lol . i mean how can you follow fashion too much? she needs to take a leaf out of my book and start following it. I wouldnt even say i followed it to the tee as i cant afford to however i like to thing i make an effort. Im addicted to fashion magazines and blogs. I love the feeling of walking out of a clothes store completely skint because you bought the most beautiful pair of boots you cannot live without! guilty? i think so !! CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS SEPTEMBER??? I cant believe it !!! Anyways.. here a few of the things I bought :)
This is a very cute little playsuit from good old tesco, my mum actually bought it for herself but she didnt like it on, so I borrowed it :) its really comfy, an item you can just throw on with a cardi and some sun glasses.
This is a funny item because I normally don't go for the trends that ive seen most of my friends in, I try and stay clear of off the shoulder dresses purely because everyone wears them. However I really needed an dress that I could wear for going out at night in. I looked in new look, which i normally hate and picked up this dress. its a size 18 and im normally a 14/16. I tried it on and loved it!! its loose and I just place a belt with it. It looks fab. so it kinda pays to follow the so called "trends" now and again... anybody like it?
This dress is a complete copy! A friend of a friend was wearing it at a party and it was one of them moments.. " where did you buy that !!!!" Im a huge fan of peter pan dresses and i think that they suit anybody's shape! its from miss selfridge, again a shop I dont tend to shop in because its just far to small for me ( being a "fuller figure" as people call it.. no its just fat haha ) anyways this dress it lace at the top and then its a jersey material at the bottom. go buy its on sale at £15 pounds
This is a cute silk top with a bow resting underneath the collar, its from newlook (: lovely.
Yes!!! I own Chelsea boots, these ones are from River island for only £40 pound! bargain. considering most of them ive seen at £50+. Ive worn them everyday since ive bought them and everybody has said god sam them boots are hideous! But I love them. this picture doesnt do them justice go to the RI website and check them out! what beauties. anyways.. im off to watch Celebrity Juice.. p.s sorry about the quality of the camera. My poor iPhone isnt up to scratch any more i need a new camera. any offers? Always love sammy xx

Monday, 8 August 2011

New shoes!

Howdy folks..

Over the weekend..I popped into asda for a few goodies- £10.10p worth of magazines, since when did magazines all of a sudden become expensive. Its either there getting expensive or im just becoming the grinch! Anyways walking around asda with a 12 year old cousin my aunt and my mum, cosmo company and marie clarie in hand i was a happy bunny. My aunt works in asda in scotland so she had a little discount card for george ;) the plot thickens..

She bought me the most comfy shoes ever! i love them.. there a animal fur feel and have a little lace at the front. Very nude and go with about everything i own!! There were originally £10 and we got them for £6.50(: Bargain??!!


Ive also been out for lunch with my friends at the pub- catching up and gossiping as per usu. however I decided to give my shoes a night out.. here is my outfit. My brother took this picture, i was having such difficulty with him. I said not to close.. then not to far away. No! not at that angle. John i look fat take another.. So this is the end product. the poor boy is technically challenged! never mind..

here im wearing my super skinny jeans from primark.. dear god there tight "im wearing them in" haha my sexy embellished top i bought from river island about 2 years ago.. it has a tie dye effect. and my sexy sexy shoes... after my date with my friends i came home but my jammies on with my magazines and watch the notebook <3

night night folks..

Always love

sammy x

nail art.. gone wrong (:

Howdy folks..

Ive always LOVED nail art and the 1000000 of colours that you can now get for your nails. However i was never bless with such talents.. I mean yes i can paint my nails nicely but i cant do nice fancy patterns of even a straight line. Sooo...

I used good old celotape to create a two toned effect. Its nice but i think i need loads more practice. I was also watching a film whilst doing it- far to distracting!

this is the finished product and the colours i used.. I think ill have to keep you updated with any future nail art disasters!

always love

sammy x

Sunday, 7 August 2011


howdy folks..

Ahh i love august <3 its one month after my birthday, meaning that im finally used to calling my self 19. Its sunny ( someofthetime). Holidays. Pimms. jack wills autumn collection. Ahh so many things to add.. Ive just been looking through some fashion blogs and people have been raving about topshop. Ive been a topshop girl for quite some time. I mean its affordable(when ive just been paid) and its fashionable. You will always find something you'll treasure for ever. As you no im not aloud to shop. Im trying my hardest not to spend so im window shopping and i want to share the beauties ive found online.

Im LOVING animal print at the moment, whether its print or a picture im loving!!

I would love to buy every single item- i think there very "me"

better get to bed...

Always love
sammy x