Sunday, 7 August 2011


howdy folks..

Ahh i love august <3 its one month after my birthday, meaning that im finally used to calling my self 19. Its sunny ( someofthetime). Holidays. Pimms. jack wills autumn collection. Ahh so many things to add.. Ive just been looking through some fashion blogs and people have been raving about topshop. Ive been a topshop girl for quite some time. I mean its affordable(when ive just been paid) and its fashionable. You will always find something you'll treasure for ever. As you no im not aloud to shop. Im trying my hardest not to spend so im window shopping and i want to share the beauties ive found online.

Im LOVING animal print at the moment, whether its print or a picture im loving!!

I would love to buy every single item- i think there very "me"

better get to bed...

Always love
sammy x


  1. I'm in love with the leopard print shoes! Anything leopard print = lovely :)