Saturday, 30 July 2011

mini haul

Howdy folks...

so I promised that i wouldn't go shopping at ALL until university, i had a little accident and went to corby on my day off. Its a little place near where i live, and its my closest primark. Me and a few friends traveled up there for the day. but i was quite good and decided not to go crazy and just buy essentials. Ive had a good week, im now counting down the days i have left at home until uni, trying to get my room organised and my finances in check! as im a shopaholic! this has been pretty difficult for me...

Anyways.. here is a few things that i purchased (:

I cant explain how much i love this shirt, it was from primark and was around 6 pounds. Its a navy/purple colour and is a 100% cotton which is very very unusual when it comes to primark.! Its my best friends birthday in a couple of weeks and shes organizing pub golf, I thought this would be the perfect shirt to wear with a pair of shorts (: I havent worn it yet- so excuse the creases! i needs ironing..

i wasnt going to upload these as ive had them on LOADS already. How cute are these! there peep toe at the front and have a cute little frill on the front too. I found these on the knicker and sock section and they were my size. FATE? i think soo. There are soo comfy! and totally my style. :) much love for these!

whos betting that everyone that loves blogspot or youtube gurus have these? yes, i saw these on thepersianbabe on youtube and decided i needed them in my life. I really wanted the black backed ones but there sold out. But these go with everything and are really stylish.

here is also some cheap jewellery from H&m, i wore it at the wedding ive mentioned in my previous posts.

anyways I better go get ready for work, i can see myself being late today!

Always love
sammy x


  1. Adore the contrast blouse!

    Helen, X

  2. i know me to! have worn it so much lately! needs to go in the wash ! haha x