Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wake me up when September ends ...

howdy folks :) Omg i havent blogged in aggggges and im so sorry :) ive just been busy with work and other things. My savings have gone very well, i havent spent any money on clothes and now reached my target= meaning that i can shop now yeye :D I bought a few things online and in new look the other day. Im not the greatest fan of new look as its very tacky and not my style however im loving the horse rider/ alpine/a/w look. I think its going to be a very fashionable winter. Elbow pads, Chelsea boots, fur lined coats, thick tights, Jcs, skater dresses.. Ahh i could go on and on with the statement pieces that you just NEED this autumm and winter. I met a girl the other day in starbucks. she told me I look lovely but i followed fashion to much hahahah Really made me lol . i mean how can you follow fashion too much? she needs to take a leaf out of my book and start following it. I wouldnt even say i followed it to the tee as i cant afford to however i like to thing i make an effort. Im addicted to fashion magazines and blogs. I love the feeling of walking out of a clothes store completely skint because you bought the most beautiful pair of boots you cannot live without! guilty? i think so !! CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS SEPTEMBER??? I cant believe it !!! Anyways.. here a few of the things I bought :)
This is a very cute little playsuit from good old tesco, my mum actually bought it for herself but she didnt like it on, so I borrowed it :) its really comfy, an item you can just throw on with a cardi and some sun glasses.
This is a funny item because I normally don't go for the trends that ive seen most of my friends in, I try and stay clear of off the shoulder dresses purely because everyone wears them. However I really needed an dress that I could wear for going out at night in. I looked in new look, which i normally hate and picked up this dress. its a size 18 and im normally a 14/16. I tried it on and loved it!! its loose and I just place a belt with it. It looks fab. so it kinda pays to follow the so called "trends" now and again... anybody like it?
This dress is a complete copy! A friend of a friend was wearing it at a party and it was one of them moments.. " where did you buy that !!!!" Im a huge fan of peter pan dresses and i think that they suit anybody's shape! its from miss selfridge, again a shop I dont tend to shop in because its just far to small for me ( being a "fuller figure" as people call it.. no its just fat haha ) anyways this dress it lace at the top and then its a jersey material at the bottom. go buy its on sale at £15 pounds
This is a cute silk top with a bow resting underneath the collar, its from newlook (: lovely.
Yes!!! I own Chelsea boots, these ones are from River island for only £40 pound! bargain. considering most of them ive seen at £50+. Ive worn them everyday since ive bought them and everybody has said god sam them boots are hideous! But I love them. this picture doesnt do them justice go to the RI website and check them out! what beauties. anyways.. im off to watch Celebrity Juice.. p.s sorry about the quality of the camera. My poor iPhone isnt up to scratch any more i need a new camera. any offers? Always love sammy xx

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  1. I love your boots, after some Chelsea boots myself but after a shocking amount of spending may have to wait a while. love the scalloped collar on your top too! x