Thursday, 13 October 2011

Im home.. x

Howdy folks Its been so long since ive posted but ive had such a bad month! as everyone knows ive been to university and i HATED IT! i didnt enjoy myself one bit and really missed home. Soo to cut a very long story short ive transfered to my home towns university and start next year. Going to spend this year being happy and having fun (also earning some pennies:) its been a struggle and I dont feel myself anymore so im going to try and spend these next fews months getting myself back to normal. Im happy being at home in my 3 bedroom house with my mum dad brother and 2 lil cats. I always felt that I was better than my life ive been living, but ive come to realise that actually your life if what you make it. If I want to be happy, i need to do things that make me happy. Ive realised that clothes and imagine dont matter as much as i thought they did. I was making them so important. I think I should enjoy clothes and products rather than using them as a chance for people to respect me. I love to be fashionable but im not going to make my self skint and miserable just to be noticed. I was more noticed at uni with my trackie bottoms on and a Jack wills tee than i was in my dresses and skirts. I think that imagine comes across from within, i know everyone has heard that before but ive come to realise its true, and if i start to love myself again.. just maybe someone will start to love me back.. Im back now guys :) Thanks for listening.. Always love Sammy xx

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