Wednesday, 20 July 2011

cosmetics haul needed!

Im off to bonny scotland tomorrow to attend my cousins wedding, a bit of trivia for you. Im scottish. I was born in lovely scotland and moved down to pissy england when i was little. All of my family are scottish and me and my twin are the only two people that dont speak it. So now to my family were the english folk.

carrying on ..

I really need new make up, but my bank account is rather low at the moment, so I need some good replicas, Im thinking a trip to super drug and savers might do the job. Here a few things im lusting over! Does anyone have any of them ?
bourjois healthy mix foundation- everyone has been raving about it ! I really need to try it! and at £9.99 im not over spending..

ive ran out and ive noticed a different. If no one uses a primer then i suggest you get one right now. You just apply it straight after your moisteriser in the morning then apply your foundation on top. It stops oils coming through and stripping your foundation off during the day. and it also helps with colouring in the face.. i couldnt live without this product! need it now!

and of course Macs lady gaga range.. i need it all !

anyways im going into town tomorrow to meet my lovely friend annalise(: so im going to be right a list of what i need! not what i want! because they are two totally different things

Always love

Sammy x

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  1. Enjoy the wedding! Definitely try HealthyMix, it's really really good :) xx