Wednesday, 20 July 2011

jack wills obsession!

So I might as well tell everyone now, as im just starting out, that I'm totally completely utterly obsessed with Jack wills. I really hate the label that people put behind it. You cant afford it? well dont complain about it. Save in small doses and pick a few items up each year, luckily I have been a fan before the "craze" started. But I generally still love it, regardless if every little chav in the world if wearing it. I have kept the books, posters, stickers- i even still have the wrapping paper my gilet came in. I know probs one step to far but i cant help it.

unfortunalty for my bank account there is a sale this week- eeeeekkkk

shall I show you a few little pieces ive bought ?

I know this screams jack wills but i actually think its nice for the Gym or even just for lounging about in. This was £29 pound.

This also screams jack wills but im off to university in september and i really wanted something nice for my room. :) this was also £29 pound.

I dont think ill ever control my love for the brand, and im sure ill have many more posts to come about it (:

have a good day
always love



  1. I also love Jack Wills, i have been a fan of them forever! Ages before everyone jumped on the Jack Wills train! :)
    I dont tend to have many things from there any more, i bought thirteen items in total so far and my bank account is screaming for a break!

  2. ahh I love my first two comments (: Ill have to count my items, mine is heading in the 30s i think. Ahhh to much money never mind haha

    always love

    sammy x